The Austin Pack

by Just Sayin'

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The Austin Pack

All Viceroys United 001


released September 28, 2013

Recorded at Wade's World with Wade Oliver in 2013.



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Just Sayin Austin, Texas

Hardcore band from Austin TX. Comprised of current and ex-members of the following bands - Cutting Losses, Losing Grip, Thin Ice, Eightfifteen, Aspire, Divide, and Statuette..

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Track Name: No Substance
Dressed to impress, and your opinions are cool, but outside of your friends you're just a fucking fool. You have more merch than shows, your tracks are average at best, focused on limited shirts and custom hats. You're on the latest crazy, worship bands galore, a band of recycled riffs, what a fucking bore. Bunch of empty threats with nothing to say. I'm sick of all this fucking talk of keeping it real when they haven't been around to even know what the deal it. You focused on the trends, watered down the art, stunted from the start because it's not from the heart. Keep pushing the image, keep pushing the trend, I hope it six to eight months you'll be down the drain. Because most bands today have nothing good to say, put up or shut up and get out of the way.
Track Name: Recognize Who?
You say I'm a loner, but at least I'm not a fucking chump. I've stayed true to myself, can't say the same for you, your insecurities they shine right through. So why do you think you're so fucking cool? Your shitty trends and your fake ass friends. I can't believe this shit, it's like we're in high school again. I'm not your friend shut up, you don't like my band I don't give a fuck. You fucking suck.
Track Name: Come and Take It
What makes you think I don't know what it's like to have to fight through the days, to never relent, and fight for another day? Pull yourself up out of this shit. This is a war, commit yourself, break through all of it fuck it. You can make it. Come and Take it. Set the standard, don't follow that path, (You have) no need for this shit, you're better than that. I know what it's like to have to fight my way, to deal with past troubles, never relent, fight for another day. I don't give up.