Do Something EP

by Just Sayin

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Recorded at Wade's World by Wade Oliver, 1/21-1/22/12. Stay Alert Records 009. Released digitally 2/10/12, physical copies made available 6/7/12.


released February 10, 2012



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Just Sayin Austin, Texas

Hardcore band from Austin TX. Comprised of current and ex-members of the following bands - Cutting Losses, Losing Grip, Thin Ice, Eightfifteen, Aspire, Divide, and Statuette..

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Track Name: Declaration
So life is hell, pick up the pace; stay tough you have no time to waste. Refuse to conform, to live just the same as every boring fuck, I’m not playing their game. They say we’re not the fortunate sons, so we fight for what we want, what’s done is done. My declaration: stay honest and true. No I’m not playing, but I’m just sayin now…fuck ‘em.
Track Name: Do Something
Bitch and complain it’s all the same, time for me to make a change, my mind and will are tried and true, driven by anger I’ve got to…do something. Why do something you hate? There’s no such thing as fate. Once I start I can’t be stopped.
Track Name: Concrete Feet
You are the concrete feet that are holding me down, get out of my life before I fucking drown. Holding my breath is getting old, it’s the same fucking story, a hundred times told. I’ve got no more mind and no more time, I’ve think I’ve had enough I’m leaving you behind (x2). Let’s take this back to a time were we could just chill, with none of that shit that destroys your will. I think it’s high time for a change, your excuses, your loss continue your pain. It must be destroyed, you must be destroyed.
Track Name: Break Free
It’s the wasted days that you’ll never get back. Slapped in the face, it’s time to react. You’ve got to move on with your life, it’s not too late to do this right. It’s time to break free. It’s time to break free. (x2). They didn’t expect you to make it this far, it’s time to break the chains that try to bind you down, break free. (It’s the) wasted days that you’ll never get back. Slapped in the face, it’s time to react. You’ve got to move on with your life, it’s not too late to do this right.
Track Name: Get The Point
Next time you have something constructive to say, I’ll take my pen and paper and throw it away. Being a friend isn’t your strongest suit, because when I need you the most it seems I always lose. I’m not the person who harbors regrets, I learn from my mistakes and fuck your attempts at making me feel sorry for you, when dragging people down is all you do. You did what they said, which was nothing. So don’t you ever talk to me. I’ve never met someone so mean and ignorant, you think I’m a fool? Don’t get it twisted, we’ll never be cool, fuck you.
Track Name: Modern Problems
I’m tired of this shit. They talk about saving the working class, but now they want to revisit how it was in the past with low wages and dependence, to work you to the bone, while they gobble the riches and take away your home. Stop regressing and think forward. The American dream is slowly slipping away, while our roads and bridges fall further into decay. Education and unions: tarred, feathered, and burned. Stop with the bailouts that carry no return. I’m tired of this shit. Don’t be naïve, ‘cause it can happen to you. I’m tired of this shit.